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Earthquake Insurance

Earthquake Insurance

Earthquakes are devastating natural disasters that can completely shake up your world. An earthquake can cause extensive damage to your home or even destroy it completely. Given the potential ramifications of these disasters, many homeowners should consider the benefits and protections of earthquake insurance.

What Is Earthquake Insurance?

As its name suggests, earthquake insurance is a specific type of policy intended to provide coverage for damages and losses directly related to an earthquake. Most homeowners and renters insurance policies do not include earthquake coverage, so separate coverage must be purchased.

In general, earthquake insurance includes coverage for the following:

  • Dwelling—If your home suffers damage that requires repairs or even a full rebuild, this coverage can help cover your costs.
  • Personal property—Possessions damaged or destroyed by an earthquake, such as furniture or electronics, can be fixed or replaced using this coverage.
  • Loss of use—This coverage can help you recoup additional expenses if an earthquake makes your home uninhabitable. This may include expenses for a temporary dwelling, meals and transportation.

It’s essential to package earthquake insurance with other coverages. For example, separate flood insurance may be necessary if an earthquake causes external water to flood your home.

Who Needs Earthquake Insurance?

There are many factors that must be considered when determining your insurance needs, including:

  • Proximity to active fault lines
  • Frequency of earthquakes near you
  • Time elapsed since your area’s last earthquake
  • Structural details of your home and property
  • Value of your home and contents

Get the Right Coverage

Earthquake insurance can mean the difference between being able to repair your home and losing it altogether. These policies can be invaluable investments, particularly for those living in areas where earthquakes are frequent. Contact Statewide Insurance Agency today to receive a quote or to learn more.