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Liquor License Insurance Requirements & Protection for your business

Whether you have years of experience, or just getting started, we have the coverage needed for Liquor Licenses in Utah, Nevada and Arizona. Most states require Liquor Liability (sometimes called dram shop liability) and General Liability insurance. A bond specific to the type of license may also be required.

Our program doesn't just stop at meeting your licensing requirements, we also include property coverage to protect your space, products and the tools you use every day. Most of our programs can be built to include coverage such as business income, assault and battery, spoilage and contamination, mechanical breakdown, and more.

We have all the coverage you may need:

  • Liquor Liability
  • General Liability
  • Property Coverage
  • Automobile Liability
  • Workers Compensation
  • Professional Liability
  • Cyber Liability
  • Umbrella Liability Coverage
  • Business Interruption
  • Earthquake
  • Flood

Special Coverage

Breweries, Bars, Restaurants, and Taverns have unique needs. We offer unique products to meet them, including:

  • DABC License Bonds
  • TTB Brewer Bonds
  • Assault & Battery
  • Mechanical Breakdown
  • Spoilage & Contamination
  • Special Event Coverage

Insurance Costs for Breweries, Bars, Restaurants, and Taverns

The cost of an insurance program is impossible to determine without obtaining a quote. Rates vary depending on a large number of factors including experience, prior claims history, type of operations (including events held), entertainment, and limits chosen. Once a rate has been determined the rate is multiplied by an estimated exposure. The exposure for Liability policies is determined by the gross revenues of the business. Smaller businesses generally have a lower cost than larger ones. Since the exposure is estimated policies are usually audited at the end of a policy term.

Our agency works with several different carriers and brokers to obtain the best combination price and coverage for our clients.


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