Tips To Secure Your Home Or Business Wi Fi

Many consumers and businesses are setting up their own wireless networks. Here are some quick tips to keeping your Wi-Fi network secure.

Most Stolen Cars In 2013

While auto theft has been decreasing over the years, there is still one car stolen every 45 second resulting in losses totaling over $4 Billion each year.

Gigabytes Of Customer Data Stolen From Banks

A recent Insurance Journal article, written by Michael Riley and Jordan Robertson, states that JP Morgan Chase & Co., among other banks, were attacked by Russian hackers and lost gigabytes of customer records.

Banking Risks For Business

Due to lack of federal regulation, business bank accounts do not offer many of the same protections that are offered with personal bank accounts. This lack of regulated protections means that business owners must take extra precautions to secure their banking.

Using a Ride-Share Program? There's something you need to know

A recent press release made by Utah's State Insurance Commissioner warns both drivers and passengers of gaps in coverage that arise when using ones personal vehicle for hire.

Use a password manager to create and remember strong passwords

You should be using a password manager to help create and remember strong passwords. In today's day and age, with cyber-crime on the rise, it is essential to use strong passwords.

Employment Practices Liability Insurance: Why you need it now

General Re Corporation, a reinsurance carrier, reports that most businesses are more likely to be litigated against by an employee than they are to have a loss due to a fire.

Earthquakes Utahs Reality

According to a federal geological study that Utah is listed among 16 other states for high earthquake risk.

8 Earthquake Facts

Eight interesting facts about earthquakes.

Your Healthcare Data Is Vulnerable To Cyber Attack

The value of health information on the black market is as much as 20 times that of a stolen credit card number, yet the FBI believes the security measures taken by the healthcare industry are weaker than those by other industries.