Have a website? Use SSL certificates to protect visitor's data

If you have a web form to collect data from your website's visitors, it is important to ensure that SSL is used to protect that information while it is being transported across the internet.

Fire Risk Of E Cigarettes

While it may seem like E-Cigarettes do not carry the same fire risk than that of traditional cigarettes, a recent article by Rosalie Donlon at Property Casualty 360, indicates otherwise.

Data Breach Is Not A Problem For Only Retailers And Banks

Every business that collects and/or retains customer information is at risk. It has become apparent even sophisticated cyber-security measures cannot prevent evey attack.

Are you protected from Uninsured and Underinsured motorists?

According to an article by Don Jergler published by Insurance Journal, one out of every eight drivers in the U.S. is uninsured.

Tips For Backing Up Your Data

In today's world more and more of your most critical information is being stored on computers. Consequently there are also more threats to that data.

Most Common Causes Of Data Breaches And Cyber Security Checklist

55% of data breaches are caused by poor management or employee mistakes. We have a risk management checklist to assist business avoid costly data breach and security losses.

Home Inventories: Saving Time and Money

A good home inventory will make the process of settling your claim much easier.

Electronic Auto Insurance Id Cards

Electronic ID Cards are convenient to say the least. If your carrier offers an app featuring electronic ID cards, you no longer need to worry about having the latest ID card in your glove box.

Benefits And Risks Of Cloud Computing

Cloud services store data for many different organizations, thus making the successful data breaches against cloud services more profitable.

Vehicle Crashes Of Young Men And Women Are Different

Results of a Kansas State University study, summarized in a recent Insurance Journal article, shows that young men and women often have different types of crashes.