Have a website? Use SSL certificates to protect visitor's data

SSL stands for secure sockets layer, and is used to secure connections between websites and their visitors.

If you have a web form to collect data from your website's visitors, it is important to ensure that SSL is used to protect that information while it is being transported across the internet.

When SSL is not used the information your visitors enter is sent in plain text and can be easily intercepted by someone monitoring network traffic. When SSL is used an encrypted connection is established and any information is encrypted when sent between your visitor and the website.

The SSL set up process will vary depending on your hosting provider. Most providers however will have instructions listed in their support area. Generally you will need to purchase a SSL certificate from a Certificate Authority who will cryptographically "sign" that certificate to make it valid. Then you will need to upload the certificate to your hosting provider.

Please consult with your IT person or computer guru to learn more.