Fire Risk of E-Cigarettes

While it may seem like E-Cigarettes do not carry the same fire risk than that of traditional cigarettes, a recent article by Rosalie Donlon at Property Casualty 360, indicates otherwise.

The article claims that of 25 E-Cigarette fire incidents investigated by the U.S. Fire Administration, 20 occurred while the battery was being charged and many resulted in burns. Also in two incidents serious injuries were inflicted when the devices explodes in the user's mouth.

Many lawsuits have been filed, including one of a Salt Lake City resident who was hospitalized for ten days after his E-Cigarette exploded in his face.

Donlons article attributes some causes to include little or no regulation as to the safety of the devices and because the devices use a common USB charging system the use of a power source other than the one originally shipped with the device.

E-Cigarettes are not the only causes of fire losses. Homeowners should ensure that they have a homeowners policy to adequately protect them in the event of a fire.

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