Data Breach is not a problem for only Retailers and Banks

Many of the most prevelant data breach incidents surround banks and major retailers. However this week NBC Chicago published a story now showing that a parking facility operator, SP+, suffered a data breach that put customer payment information at risk.

The data included that of customers from 17 parking facilities in Chicago and Evanston, IL.

Similarly the United States Postal Service was also hacked in early November resulting in the exposure of at least 800,000 employee records and some customer information.

Every business that collects and/or retains customer information is at risk. It has become apparent even sophisticated cyber-security measures cannot prevent evey attack.

It is important for Businesses and Individuals to protect themselves from the consequences of a Data Breach.

We strongly recommend that individuals purchase identity theft protection such as the products offered by LegalShield.

We also recommend that businesses obtain Cyber Liability insurance to mitigate their risks from data breaches.

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