Tips for Backing-Up your Data

In today's world more and more of your most critical information is being stored on computers. Consequently there are also more threats to that data. Data loss can occur due to hardware failure, malicious software, hackers, power disruptions, fire and water damage, or even a simple mistake. Therefore it is more important to ensure that you have backup copies of your data.

Here are some simple tips to help build a good back-up plan:

  1. Back up regularly to ensure you have the most up-to-date and complete versions of your files.

  2. Have multiple copies of your data. Ensure that if one backup fails you have another.

  3. Ensure at least one copy of your backup is kept securely at another location. This ensures that your data can survive, fire, flood, and theft at one location.

  4. Be careful when using an online/cloud backup or file storage service such a Dropbox, Google Drive, Sky Drive, Spider Oak, Carbonite, etc... These services make it easy to access your data remotely and fulfill the need for an offsite backup. These services bring their own risks. Ensure that you understand what data is being stored using these services, and consider the risks of a data breach.

  5. To help prevent unauthorized access of your sensitive data, encrypt that data using a secure password.

Most computer systems come with backup tools, so purchasing backup software is not always necessary.

Here are some links detailing of backup software included with common systems:

Windows 7 » Windows 8 » Mac OS X »

Please consult with your IT person or computer guru to learn more.