Most Common Causes of Data Breaches and Cyber Security Checklist

In September, Beazly, a data breach insurance carrier, released an article stating that after analyzing more than 1500 different cases they conclude that 55% of data breaches were caused by poor management or employee mistakes.

They also concluded that while most breaches are not caused by computer malware, however breaches of this sort are more costly because of the required amount of investigation.

Beazly offered 5 tips in their article to prevent data breaches:

  1. Encrypt your data.
  2. Automate software patches and updates.
  3. Use Strong Passwords. (See our Tech Tip on Passwords from our August issue)
  4. Be aware of phishing attacks.
  5. Double check documents, fax numbers, email addresses, and mailing addresses before sending information.

We have also now compiled a risk management checklist to assist business avoid costly data breach and security losses. The checklist may be found here »

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