Vehicle Crashes of Young Men and Women are different

Results of a Kansas State University study, summarized in a recent Insurance Journal article, shows that young men and women often have different types of crashes.

The study shows that both younger and older people are involved in more crashes than middle aged people. However this article focused specifically on the crashes involving young drivers.

Interestingly the article states that young women, when to compared to young men, are more likely to wear a seatbelt. However they are also more likely to drive on a restricted license. Young women are also more likely have crashes at intersections and accidents involving pedestrians.

Young men were also more likely to have crashes on weekends, as opposed to women who are more likely to crash on weekdays. Young men are also more likely to have off-road accidents and more likely have crashes after dark.

Due to the increased probability that your young drivers will be involved in an accident make sure your auto liability limits and physical damage coverage meet your needs

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You can read the original article at Insurance Journal here »