Use a password manager to create and remember strong passwords

You should be using a password manager to help create and remember strong passwords. In today's day and age, with cyber-crime on the rise, it is essential to use strong passwords.

It is widely suggested that passwords should have the following characteristics: •Not contain dictionary words or common names. •Contain a large number of characters (6-8 characters is a common minimum but more characters will increase security) •Include numbers and symbols

In addition it is recommended that a different password be used for each website, program, and service so that if one is cracked or leaked that all of your accounts are not vulnerable.

This is all good and well, but sometimes creating a different strong password for each login can be difficult, and then if you haven't used one for a while will you remember it?

Using a password manager can solve these problems. Password managers can help you generate strong passwords, and then can store them in an encrypted file on your computer or device, which makes it more secure than using a text file or spreadsheet. Some password managers can also even be configured to auto-type your passwords into the login fields of a website.

Here are some good password managers to look into: