Earthquakes: Utah's Reality

A recent article published by Insurance Journal states that according to a federal geological study that Utah is listed among 16 other states for high earthquake risk.

While interesting, this isn't a new idea. In 2006 an article was published by the Deseret News, stating that about 700 earthquakes occur in Utah every year and about a dozen of those exceed a 3.0 rating on the Richter scale, a level that can be felt by people. The article also states that every 200 - 300 years an earthquake close magnitude of 7.0 occurs along the Wasatch fault and about every 1300 years in the Salt Lake City Region. While 1300 years seems like a long time, the same Deseret News article states the last big one in the Salt Lake City area was about 1300 years ago, meaning we are soon due for another.

Being prepared for such an event is essential. Of course emergency preparedness advisors stress the needs for immediate survival such as having enough food, clean water, first aid supplies and toiletries. What happens when the event is over? Do you have the financial capability to rebuild or your home or business facilities? What about all of your personal belongings or the tools and equipment you use to work?

Unfortunately, most homeowners and commercial property insurance policies exclude the peril of earthquakes. However, there are special earthquake or catastrophe insurance policies available that can provide coverage for earthquake damage.

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