Is your Insurance Ready for Summer?

Here is a Quick Guide to some of the risks you may have this summer, and ways to protect against them.

Somecoverage may be provided by your homeowners policy for sailboats less than 26 feet in length and powerboats with motors under 50hp inboard, or 25hp outboard. Larger boats and Jet Skis will need to have separate boat policy put in place.

Motorcycles, Scooters and ATV's
Generallythese vehicles are not covered by your auto policy and may need to have a special policy written. Seasonal coverage may be available, so you may be able to pay a lower premium during winter months. Be sure you understand both the insurance policy's and the state's law regarding helmets and any age restrictions as to who may operate the vehicle.

Swimming Pools & Trampolines
While these are fun and fairly common is is important that you know if you homeowners policy covers a pool or trampoline and under what conditions. Some policies specifically exclude any claim related to trampolines and pools.

Nothing puncuates a celebration betther than an aerial firwork shooting into the sky and then exploding wihh a loud brack and brilliant streams of light, but firworks are dangerous. While they are fun and exciting, it can be all to easy for something to go wrong. Be sure if you plan to shoot off fireworks that you do not use illegal ones. The use of illegal fireworks can be grounds for a denied claim.

Additional Coverage
Each of the risks discussed above increase your liability expoure, and with today's increasing legal and medical costs, you dont want your policies to fall short. An umbrella policy can provide additional coverage beyond the limits of your other policies. You might want to call your agent and discuss with them the costs and benefits of an umbrella policy.

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