10 Spring Tips for Every Homeowner

Now that that spring has sprung here are 10 Tips for every homeowner to help them Maintain, Improve and Enjoy their home.

  • Check and clean filters on your heating and cooling system. Save yourself time and money by taking care of filters now before you get your high energy bill or your cooking in Utah's hot desert summer.

  • Check the screens on your windows and doors, repairing them if necessary. Pretty soon you'll be wanting to enjoy a nice breeze and you might not want to have any pesky little critters inviting themselves into your home.

  • Clean the stains from your sidewalk. Use a pressure washer to clean up fallen leaves and dirt. Scrub more stubborn oil stains with a brush and warm soapy water. You may have to repeat several times.

  • Check under your home or in your basement for any water seepage or damage.

  • Clean your windows

  • Check your lawn and garden equipment. Change the oil and responsibly dispose of unused gas from last season in mowers and trimmers. Sharpen blades to lengthen the life of your mower.

  • You might have missed your opportunity to plant bulbs that bloom in the spring, but there are several types of bulbs that bloom in the summer. Dahlias, Calla Lilly, and Gladiolus are some of the varieties that can be planted in the spring.

  • Plant a vegetable garden. There are some great benefits to growing some of your own food. Plant veggies that you like to eat. If you plant some tomatoes, onions, and peppers you just might find yourself with some awesome homemade salsa!

  • Create or Organize an outdoor space to enjoy a perfect evening with friends or family.

  • Throw a Barbeque. Invite people with whom you can enjoy an evening with.