Two New Years Resolutions Every Businessowner Should Make

In a recent article published on NBC Chicago’s blog INC.WELL, Mike Muhney, a relationship management expert, outlines two critical factors for success, which I think would make excellent New Year’s resolutions for any business owner.

The first is to improve relationships with your customers. Customers are the driving force of business and without them we might as well close up shop. The article suggests getting to know your customers as a way to do this. I might also suggest taking a proactive approach to dealing with your customers. Contact them before they need to contact you. A simple card thanking your customers for their business and loyalty could show them that they are important to you.

The second goal is to stand out from the competition. As our economy becomes more and more competitive, you need to stand above the rest. Try to find ways to highlight aspects of you business that are positively unique to you, and then take advantage of them.

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